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Dr. Morris B. Clarington: Amplifying Performance Coach, Mindset/Spiritual Coach, Happiness Coach, Leadership Coach, Human Potential Coach, Health Coach, Conscious Growth Coach, Couples Coaching, Multiple Income Streams Coach, Business/Mindset Coach.


Dr. Morris B. Clarington holds accolades from Perry High School-GA, Savannah State University-GA, University of Bridgeport-CT, and Sherman College-SC. As a renowned success coach, consultant, author, educator, entrepreneur, chiropractor, husband, father and acclaimed speaker on cross-generational issues, Dr. Morris B. Clarington works with organizations and corporations to increase cooperation, communication and productivity.


Dr Clarington was raised in a family of generational farmers. He was the first in his immediate family to attend a university. While attending high school and college, He was regarded as an extraordinary athlete and scholar.


His talents include arts and crafts, painting, singing, writing and oral poetry. His entrepreneurship experiences include starting three profitable companies while attending college and current acting CEO of Conceptual Integrative Solutions Global, LLC.


He has held employment positions in all levels of education including higher education, worked at the management level in a fortune one-hundred company, a multi-titled author, and worked as a primary healthcare physician in chiropractic.


Dr. Clarington's contribution to the scientific community includes his participation in ground breaking research on Salt Marsh studies for the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and his participation as an Intern-physician in grant funded research in chiropractic care and education. 


His accolades include multiple degrees and certifications in various disciplines and awards for community service and leadership.


Dr. Clarington's investments include several real estate properties and contributions to several educational foundations that provide college students with scholarships.


His life experiences have included world travel, racism and discrimination, being the minority amongst peers, relationship heartbreaks, and being a devoted husband and father.


Dr. Clarington is a highly sought after expert and has been introducing others to his principles and philosophies for years. Dr. Clarington has dedicated his life to educating others and inspiring them to realize their hidden potential.


Having taught thousands of students and professionals in churches, temples, schools, colleges, universities and at seminars around the globe, Dr. Clarington is the ideal expert to lead you and your organization to the keys to personal development and success. Every business can benefit from employees with stronger skills and more confidence.


For years, Dr. Clarington has served as an instructor, professor, and administrator in the Technical College System of Georgia as well as the University System of Georgia. He has identified many of the common challenges facing emerge leaders.


With the assistance of his wife, Mrs. Victoria Clarington, Dr. Morris Clarington formed Conceptual Integrative Solutions Global, LLC to provide success and leadership mentoring and workshops that are interactive, informative and inspiring.


Some of the topics Dr. Clarington has performed workshops and given lectures on include:


- Becoming An Effective Leader
- Being A Positive Role Model In Your Community
- The Next Step After College
- Accepting Change In Your Organization
- Preparing For College
- Can I Afford It
- Finding Your Place in Society
- Recognizing You Are An Expert
- The Side-Effects of “Keeping Up with the Jones”
- How The African-American Male Is Viewed In Today’s America
- The Influence of Hip-Hop Culture On African-American Women
- How To Overcome Negative Stereotypes
- The Residual Effects of American Slavery on today’s African-American Culture
- Understanding Poverty in American Culture
- The Power of Knowledge
- Being Cheap or Being Smart
- What Does College Guarantee
- Understanding and Communicating To The Opposite Sex
- Health Education (Chiropractic Care, Hypertension, Diabetes, etc.)
- Conflict Resolution
- Determining a Need Versus a Want
- Can I Fulfill Everyone’s Expectations
- Finding Success In Your Life
- Team & Trust Building
- Stop the Excuses
- How To Take Control Of Your Life
- Mastering Communication


If you would like to schedule Dr. Clarington for an appearance, speech, or other engagement feel free to contact him at mbclarington@gmail.com


Victoria Clarington: Amplifying Performance Coach, Human Potential Coach, Couples Coaching, Women’s Empowerment Coach.


Mrs. Victoria Clarington is a graduate of Waycross College-GA. She holds a degree in education. Victoria guides women from the perplexities of being mothers, wives, in relationships, and/or entrepreneurs, to clarity about who they are and what they want in all aspects of their lives. She enjoys the balance of being a remarkable mother as well as satisfying her own creative aspirations and has helped many women do the same. She will inspire you to move from feeling stifled in your existence, to discovering and living life to its fullest. She assists clients by teaching them to tap into their own inner wisdom to achieve their goals, visions, and their dreams.


With the assistance of her husband Dr. Morris Clarington, Victoria Clarington decided to form Conceptual Integrative Solutions Global, LLC to provide success and leadership mentoring and workshops that are interactive, informative and inspiring.


If you would like to schedule Victoria Clarington for an appearance, speech, or other engagement feel free to contact her at vmclarington@gmail.com



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