Understanding Our Philosophy

Discover for yourself the benefits of principle-centered living. Conceptual Integrative Solutions Global lectures and workshops invariably cover new ground for participants, and they leave ready to abandon existing unproductive habits for more effective thinking and practices. “Perceptive, intelligent, compassionate and inspirational” are just some of the words used regularly by audiences and to describe Success trainers.


Our approach is simple, but demands commitment and discipline. But that’s why you’ve come to this site; to learn how to become successful and develop the leader within.


We will inspire and challenge you while providing you with the knowledge and the tools to be successful in any aspect of your life. It’s why Conceptual Integrative Solutions Global exists. It’s what we do as a company. It’s how we support your success: by equipping you to take our success teachings and apply them to your everyday life. Each presentation by our company is a unique experience, molded to meet the needs and address specific issues of each audience. Whatever your occasion, we will develop material that helps your participants increase their effectiveness, professionally and personally.


One of our main areas of focus at Conceptual Integrative Solutions Global is that we want to “maximize our existence” living out the principles Dr. Clarington teaches. Anyone can be successful if they adhere to these universal & fundamental principles. These principles were conceived through years of research, personal accounts, and practices of individuals deemed successful in their respected professions, lifestyles or relationships. As humans, we exist to fulfill our purpose. Once we’ve established our purpose, ultimately success becomes the product of our discovery.



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