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Camparing Our Prices To Others

We pride ourselves on having affordable prices and meeting the needs of our clients. If you would like our services, but feel you cannot afford them, please contact us so we can discuss payment plan options


Since the amount of money that keynote speakers charge seems to be a closely-guarded secret, we thought we would reveal the going rates in our industry.  First of all, a keynote speaker can ask for any amount they feel their time is worth; but in almost every case, fees fall into a certain rubric.


  • $500 – $1,500  Keynote speaker fees in this range would apply to non-profit events or very small conferences.  It is considered a small fee, but if the speaker really wants to participate, it can be enough to get them there. 
  • $1,500 – $3,000  Like the last category, this fee range is modest for a keynote speaker. This range would likely go to a professional speaker with less experience or accomplishments
  • $3,000 – $5,000  Many very good keynote speakers will accept this fee even though it will be below the standard asking price. 
  • $5,000 – $10,000  This would be the typical range for top keynote speakers who have given numerous keynote speeches in the past and/or have serious career accomplishments.
  • $10,000 – $20,000  Most of the major conferences pay their keynote speakers within this range. 
  • $20,000 – $50,000  This is the standard range for most well-known speakers. Those that have written books, CD, video, etc.
  • $50,000 – $100,000  Well known keynote speakers’ fees are generally in this range. 
  • $100,000+  The top celebrity Keynote speakers’ fees would be in this range.

Scheduling & Pricing Information

Our coaches only work with clients who are committed to being held accountable, showing up 100% for each session, and are willing to break out of their comfort zone. All individuals seeking our services are required to sign a standard contract and relinquish of liability form before services can be rendered. The total investment for your personalized, transformative coaching program with Conceptual Integrative Solutions Global will be discussed during your enrollment call and email.


  • Keynote Speaking prices are determined by event location, audience size, and time of scheduling.
  • Consulting prices are determined by customer location and/or duration & frequency of phone calls, - deadlines, and specific needs of your organization.
  • Seminars/ Workshops prices are determined by event location, audience size, and time of scheduling.
  • One-on-One Session prices are determined by location, and time of scheduling.



Audio or video recording of a presentation in part or in whole is not a part of any agreement. We will be pleased to provide a separate quotation for program reproduction and usage.


Cancellation Policy

Full payment is required up front and the cancellation policy is 72 hours in advance. Cancellation Notice and it must be confirmed by us to you by email or by phone


Payment is accepted via personal check or Paypal and credit cards are accepted.

Many speakers refuse to post fees on their websites. Conceptual Integrative Solutions Global, however, believes in transparency. (We got nothing to hide!) So, while we would prefer to have a personal discussion prior to quoting our fees can vary, depending on our services. Here are some variables to consider when planning your meeting and creating a budget.


  • The type of presentation: keynote, workshop or seminar
  • Multiple presentations: different or same-presentation repeated more than once
  • Location or venue where meeting is being held
  • Expenses: actual, out-of-pocket, or inclusive with fee
  • Licensing fee: for permission to audio or video tape Conceptual Integrative Solutions Global presentations
  • Customization: fee for going above and beyond a personalized program
  • Terms: your choice between paying in full upfront or in installments option

A typical investment for Conceptual Integrative Solutions Global Legacy Level success coaches will follow the standard fee schedule listed, plus expenses. For some clients a sliding fee scale may apply based on the number of variables listed. Please e-mail mbclarington@gmail.com or call 1-478-397-0641 to discuss how we can meet your needs.

For Our Services




Keynote Speaking   



Publishing Services   




NOTE: Multiple Success Coaches will be needed to facilitate large organizations, and their services have already been factored into our listed prices


Full-day (up to 7 hours)-( Individual Training Sessions per-person)




Full-day (up to 7 hours)-( Training Small/Medium size Colleges/Universities & other Small/Medium size Non-Profit organizations)


$ 4,000


Full-day (up to 7 hours)-( Training Large Colleges/Universities & other Large Non-Profit organizations)


$ 8,500


Full-day (up to 7 hours)-(Training Small Businesses & other Small For-Profit organizations)  $5,000

Full-day (up to 7 hours)-(Training Large Businesses & other Large For-Profit organizations)



$ 10,000



Daily Consulting: On-site following a paid program





Telephone Sessions


Up to 30 minutes




Additional Programs Same Day or Same Event


Call for reduced fee packages



Conceptual Integrative Solutions Global Coach Training


Initial Novice Level Success Coach Training Session per-person)




Subsequent Coach Training Sessions per-person up to Executive Level Success Coach




Subsequent Coach Training Sessions per-person starting from Pioneer Level Success Coach up to Visionary Level Success Coach





Coach Training Sessions per-person Legacy Level Success Coach





Publicity Day


Client arranges media interviews. Conceptual Integrative Solutions Global representative speaks about the agreed upon subject and publicizes the client



Media Spokesperson: Radio, TV, Infomercials


$25,000 - Plus 10% of sales



MC Your Program


MC who keeps your program entertained and on-track   $2,500



Recording Rights and Licensing


Only client(s) will have the option to record keynote speaking events for 50% of the contracted price. No other parties will be allowed to record events or sessions. The client (s) does not have the right to share, sell, or reproduce any content of the record material to outside parties for profit or gain.  All Conceptual Integrative Solutions Global materials are copyrighted and subject to copyright laws.   



Engagements that require Airfare and Hotel Accommodations within the United States America


Domestic flights are in Coach Class plus minimal of 3 1/2 star hotel accommodations will be added to fees for all engagements.



Engagements outside United States America


One travel day @ $8,500 plus business class airfare will be added to fees for all engagements outside North America. Two nights lodging required for events outside the contiguous USA.


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