How We Select Success Coaches For Your Event/Organization

Legacy Level Success Coaches have been hand selected, trained and supervised by Dr. Clarington himself. Your Legacy Level Success Coach will discuss your progress with Dr. Clarington so he will be involved in your coaching process as well. Legacy Level Success Coaches for your event will be selected according to expertise, audience, audience size, location, available and specific customer needs.


Rest assure, when you are a Legacy Level Success Coach with Conceptual Integrative Solutions Global team of coaches you will have access to all of Dr. Clarington’s teachings, exercises and specifically designed techniques to meet the needs of your event or organization. You will have email access to your specific coach and also to Dr. Clarington.


Know that when you are being coached by one of our amazing coaches, you are receiving endless support! To learn more about our coaching packages and each coach, please read the Coach’s profile on our official website.


Please view our site to see if your Success Coach is Conceptual Integrative Solutions Global member. All certified Conceptual Integrative Solutions Global coaches will have their ranking listed next to their name.


Hierarchy Levels for Conceptual Integrative Solutions Global Success Coaches


8. Legacy Level Success Coach- The highest level attainable; a coach has detailed knowledge of success & leadership teachings. They are also reaping the full benefits of our teachings.
7. Visionary Level Success Coach- The Coach will begin to see the benefits of his or her work; even as they teaches others. The coach continues to broaden his/her own understanding, continually seeking knowledge and enlightenment.
6. Pioneer Level Success CoachA coach has undergoing change as he/she advances in their studies and begins to set their sights even higher. Once again the coach undergoes a new change and prepares for the transition to advanced Visionary Level Success Coach. A pioneer level success coach begins to understand the meaning of the Legacy Level Success Coach.
5. Executive Level Success Coach- A coach has moved upward in their development. They have exhibited significant and continued growth. An advanced success coach whose techniques are beginning to mature, and he/she is beginning to understand the fruits of their hard work
4. Presidential Level Success CoachA coach is becoming something greater. They are preparing for further development.The coach has learned his/her strengthen and refined their techniques.
3. Ambassador Level Success CoachA coach has matured into something new at this stage in his or her development. They have realized their commitment and maturity in their understanding to continue advancement to the highest success coach level.
2. Master Level Success CoachA coach has new strength and began a new life. This level represents the coach's progress as he/she receives knowledge from their trainer.
1. Novice Level Success CoachA coach has gained knowledge on which to build as they practice and refine their skills. As they begin their journey to teach others, they plants new seeds and helps them grow and mature.

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